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At Bee Loop, we are open to B2B and B2C partnerships and collaborations with corporate businesses, institutions, stores, cafes, hotels, museums, and special events worldwide.

By partnering with Bee Loop Honey Pot, you will send a powerful message about your open-minded, forward-thinking commitment to a sustainable future and your support for innovative businesses working hard on planet-friendly, unique products.

Welcome your customers, clients, employees, and partners with a gorgeous gift that is a revolutionary way to enjoy the sweet taste of honey while contributing to the "beetter" future of the planet.

We offer custom branding with your company's logo for corporate gifts upon request.

Reach out for detailed info.

Taizo Son, Founder of Japanese Venture Capital Fund "Mistletoe"

"Design plays an important role in this shift as it highlights what's possible and captures the imagination. We're confident Bee Loop stands for a new generation of startups in Lithuania that can help us use great design to reinvent consumption practices not only locally but globally."
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