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The Bee Loop Honey Pot is made of pure beeswax and filled with 100% real Lithuanian honey. When honey is harvested from the honeycomb and made ready for consumption, we put the honey back where it belongs - into its rightful home, the beeswax. 

The Bee Loop Honey Pot is 99.99% edible. Why not 100%?
We just don’t suggest you eat the organic linen string that is being used as our honey pot opener.

After consuming the honey, beeswax honey pots can be returned to us or your local beekeeper. When the beekeeper returns beeswax to the hive the circle of honey-making continues. Or as the beekeepers like to call it, the Bee Loop.

The innovative zero-waste packaging of Bee Loop Honey Pot is not just a unique sustainable gift but also a message about the closed-loop friendship between humans and nature. It has been created out of 100% organic beeswax in order to help bees and contribute to the global sustainability process.